Selected Books

cooking as though you might cook again
To want for nothing the birthday club
HARDLY MORE THAN EVER: PHOTOGRAPHS 1997-2004, Laura Letinsky and Hanneke Grootenboer (foreward), 2004
THE RENAISSANCE SOCIETY, Photography Portfolio, 2013
TIME’S ASSIGNATION, Laura Letinsky, Nathalie Herschdorfer (foreward) 2017, Radius Books

Ill FORM AND VOID FULL, Laura Letinsky and Lynne Tillman (foreward), 2014, Radius Books
AFTER ALL, Laura Letinsky, Mark Strand (foreward), 2010, Damiani
NOW AGAIN, Laura Letinsky (Karen Irvine, text), 2006, Galerie Kusseneers
VENUS INFERRED, Laura Letinsky and Lauren Berlant (forward and interview), 2000, University of Chicago Press